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a language student abroad



Goodbye China 再见中国

Well what a weird, yet wonderful experience I had in China! I cannot honestly say I have  Continue reading “Goodbye China 再见中国”


Chongming Island 崇明岛

For my final trip in China, me and Margherita went to Chongming Island. We wanted to go Continue reading “Chongming Island 崇明岛”

Chinese Dumplings 饺子

On Christmas Eve me and Margherita signed up to a cultural Chinese dumpling making Continue reading “Chinese Dumplings 饺子”

China Art Museum 中华艺术宫

The weekend after Tom left I was still in an exploring and seeing things mood so me and a Continue reading “China Art Museum 中华艺术宫”

Shanghai Wolrd Financial Centre 上海环球金融中心

For Tom’s final day we went back to Pudong and had a nice relaxing day shopping. We both Continue reading “Shanghai Wolrd Financial Centre 上海环球金融中心”

Hangzhou 杭州

Because I had talked so much about when I went to Hangzhou with my friends before Continue reading “Hangzhou 杭州”

Xi’an Bell Tower 西安钟楼

Today we went for a walk around the city of Xi’an. We took a taxi from the hotel to the Continue reading “Xi’an Bell Tower 西安钟楼”

Xi’an Terracotta Army 西安兵马俑

To get to Xi’an we had two options – take a 14 hour train journey sitting on hard seats Continue reading “Xi’an Terracotta Army 西安兵马俑”

Qibao Old Town 七宝古镇

Qibao is an old town in the suburbs of Shanghai, it’s a small town with narrow streets and Continue reading “Qibao Old Town 七宝古镇”

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