The last couple of days with Tom over the weekend were really lovely, despite the weather turning a bit miserable. On the Friday we went to the bus station to buy our bus tickets to Sierra Nevada for the next morning and then on the night we went to the cinema to see Deadpool, it was in English with Spanish subtitles. It was really funny and it was also nice to have a proper date with Tom again. After, we had an early night ready for an early start and a long day in the mountains.

It took us about just over an hour to get to the ski resort from Granada and we had a little stop halfway up to put some chains on the wheels of the coach too, I was dying to go to the toilet but didn’t want to make yellow snow. On the way up it was so strange to go from a dry Granada, to icy rocks up the mountain and then see actual snow falling the higher we went. It was like we were in a different country but in reality we were about 40km away from where we were sunbathing two days before.

I had previously booked a 2 hour private skiing lesson for us both online so we found their office through the blizzard and went inside to tell them we’d arrived. We hired the skis and boots and ski pants from there too. Our lesson was at 2pm and we arrived at around 10pm so went for a hot chocolate and a quick lunch before we got kitted up and took to the slopes.

We met our skiing instructor on the mountain after taking a rickety cable car up which took about 5 minutes. Giles, the instructor, taught us the basics and I think we took to it fairly well to say we were absolute beginners. We were snowploughing and shifting left to right like naturals. At the end of our lesson Giles said “enjoy the rest of your day guys, you’ll be tempted to take the ski lifts higher and go down a bigger slope but you’re just not quite ready yet, so don’t do it.” (HA!) “Okay Giles, bye thank you bye”. On the ski lifts on the way up to the bigger slopes we were actually getting quite nervous and kind of wished we listened, but there was no going back and only one way down – we had definitely thrown ourselves into the deep end 😉 😉 ;).

I was off before I could even say snowplough, going 200mph down the side of the Sierra Nevada 2 hours after our beginners lesson. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Tom fall down and then I started to panic, all of a sudden I was airborne and upside down. I landed on my head in a heap and one of my skis was miles behind me. I eventually came out of the snow, looking like a white walker, to find Tom who I could see was skiing towards me. He was laughing at me once he knew I was okay, and then we went down the rest of the slope together trying to go as slow as possible. At the bottom we both said straight away, let’s go again! So we did. On the ski lift on the way up, we realised there was a bar you pull down to keep yourselves strapped in, which we didn’t have across us the first time we went up. Definitely should have listened to Giles, we didn’t know what we were doing.

Eee it was soo much fun though and I’d say we are now advanced skiers, if not professional. I took my GoPro with me too and made a short video of our day. Here it is:

Sierra Nevada Video


Miss you all xx