My mum and dad have arrived! They hired a car from the airport in Malága and drove to Granada to meet me. They picked me up at the roadside so I could direct them to where their hotel is. It was so strange to see them drive up in a car in Spain but I was happy to see them again.

They dropped off their stuff in the hotel and we went for a walk around Granada. They brought me all the things I’d asked for – important things like my European health insurance card and PG tips. Trying to catch the last little bit of sun of the day we sat outside of a bar and had a few beers and tapas together. I was glad the weather had improved because I was worried it was going to be the same as the week before and rain the whole time they were here but it didn’t. On the first night we got some paella and pizza, a weird mix, but it was to nice to share and have a few different tastes. We called it a night after a few more beers in a couple more bars and said we’d start again properly the next day, when we had a full day of drinking and tapas together. That day we were walking past the cathedral and saw that there was a play being shown in front of it about Jesus in the run up to Easter so we stayed and watched that for a while.

On the Monday Tom arrived at around 11pm so we had another day of drinking and tapas after I finished my classes for the day, dad found his favourite place, full of crusaders and St Georges crosses, how cultured ;). Knowing we were going for a day out to the Alhambra the next day, mum and dad left before 11 while I went to pick tom up and then we both went for something to eat when he arrived. As always it was lovely to see him again!


I had booked us tickets for the Alhambra at 14:30 so we went out for some brunch and a coffee before hand and then got a taxi up to it. We rushed to get to the Palacios Nazaríes for our time but we made it. It was a gorgeous day we even sat and had an ice cream after we came back out. The Alhambra was really impressive and the views from the top of the towers were incredible, you could see the whole of Granada and the Sierra Nevada in the background too which made it even more beautiful. It was really interesting and the detail that had gone into building it was unreal, I would definitely recommend going if you go to Granada. Afterwards we walked back to the entrance to have a look around the General Life which are the gardens next to the palace. There were lots of water features and orange trees, it was lovely. Me and Tom tried an orange from a tree but it was disgusting, so hard and unripe. They look a lot better than they taste, don’t do it!

Wednesday was more of a Sangria day. After having continuous days of gassy beer, we moved onto sangria and it was a nice change and went down a lot easier. We knew Betty, my mums friend, was arriving at 11pm too so we all met up later in the afternoon so we could party into my birthday after midnight. The bar we were in went to get me a cake and a 21st candle while I was in the toilet and everyone sang happy birthday to me, I was really happy to have them all there with me. The staff at the bar gave us an umbrella each as it had started raining, it seemed like everywhere was shutting as well but we found a music bar still open where we stayed until about 3am and had a weird concoction of different drinks, red wine and coke, knock off baileys and sangria to name a few.

For my birthday we went for a coffee and brunch where I opened my cards from my family, I’d already opened my presents from tom back at the flat – a very smart Emporio Armani watch which I love. Mum had brought some moustaches with her for us all to wear, she always seems to have props in her bag whether it be hats, funny teeth, face mats or moustaches – something for any occasion.  After that we went on a city tour train around Granada where you could hop on and off around the city at different points. It was really funny, and we were without a doubt the most rowdy on our carriage. Betty kept saying we were the culture vultures. We got off at one stop and had a beer while Betty groomed a dog and then got back on the train up to the Alhambra, mum dad and Betty got off at the next stop but me and tom stayed on to go back and get changed for our posh meal in the restaurant ‘Las Estrellas de San Nicolás’ overlooking the Alhambra.

The meal was really special and the food was delicious. To start I got a gazpacho soup and for the main I got the roast duck with dauphinoise potatoes and a plum sauce and finally for dessert I got a chocolate crepe. Everything was perfectly cooked, it was one of my best meals I’ve had. Great company, a great view and a great meal. The staff were really friendly too and were making us laugh. It was sad though because at then end when we said bye to my parents and Betty, we knew they were up early in the morning to set off back home. Me and Tom carried on to a few bars afterwards to finish off the night because we had a few more nights together.

I had such a good time with my mum and dad being here and Tom and Betty too, so if youre reading this, thank you for coming and making it a special birthday.

Miss you all already x