Now I’m all moved in, unpacked, bought some bedding and settled it was a good week to get to know my flatmates a bit better. I told them that in England it was pancake day, and of course they all laughed that we have a day for pancakes. I bought some ingredients and made us all some pancakes with sugar and lemon and some more with chocolate sauce. It was fun to teach them how to make them and they thought it was fairly easy. I think they went down quite well, they ate them all. One night we had a few beers in the flat and watched football too before going on a night out to Mae West.

This week we could go to all the lessons we wanted to try out at the university to see what we would like to take on as our courses during our time in Spain. I went to German and Chinese classes and an English to Spanish interpreting class too. After trying out a few Chinese classes I finally found the right level for me and the German one was perfect straight away. I was a bit nervous for the interpretation class because I haven’t really done any interpreting before, except a little exam we did in uni in my second year. Now it’s actually one of my favourite lessons, I love it!

On the Friday I had a level exam in Spanish to find out which class I go in to learn Spanish. I got B1 which is like intermediate and it’s perfect for me, I really like the teacher too. After I went to the exam I had the rest of the day free because I have Fridays free at uni (how brilliant?). I was able to get ready for the arrival of my mum and dad on Saturday afternoon, how exciting!

Miss you all x