For my final trip in China, me and Margherita went to Chongming Island. We wanted to gosomewhere and not waste our final few days before we started university again and cracking down for our final exam. It took us a while to find out where to go as usual with people telling us different directions and ways to get there. We thought we had to take a ferry but there was another way by bus, which we took. It took longer than we expected and we didn’t get there till quite late in the afternoon.

It was a really nice place. It was nice to be next to the sea again, even though Shanghai means “on the sea” in English, we hadn’t actually been to see it since we arrived. We went for a walk through a park with some small ponds and bridges which were very Chinese. It was a nice stroll and it seemed like the air was clearer away from all the traffic and sky scrapers of Shanghai. The sea breeze was really refreshing.

We managed to catch the sunset as we sat on the wall beside the sea. It was really beautiful at first but the smog and haze of the pollution caused the sun to disappear as it got close to the horizon and we could no longer see the sun, even though it had not fully set. It was a strange experience.


From there we went to get some food in a restaurant. We had some pork belly in a sticky bbq sauce and a plate of shrimp too. It was a weird mix but it was the nicest looking things that they had on offer. The shrimps came unpeeled, with their eyes, head, tails and legs all still attached. At first we were picking them to bits and pulling everything off leaving us with a small shred of shrimp to eat, so in the end we put the whole thing in our mouths and it wasn’t as bad as we expected, just a bit crunchier.