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July 2015

Braunschweig // Tag: Achtundachtzig

So here it is, my final post in Germany. Eeee what a week of mixed Continue reading “Braunschweig // Tag: Achtundachtzig”


Braunschweig // Tag: Einundachtzig

I went to the theatre on Sunday with my ‘tandem’ partner Hanna. We Continue reading “Braunschweig // Tag: Einundachtzig”

Braunschweig // Tag: Siebenundsiebzig

Today we went for a Wanderung in the Harz mountains. It was strange Continue reading “Braunschweig // Tag: Siebenundsiebzig”

Braunschweig // Tag: Zweiundsiebzig

Last weekend Iona and Lorna came to visit me from home. We were non Continue reading “Braunschweig // Tag: Zweiundsiebzig”

Braunschweig // Tag: Sechsundsechzig

At the weekend I went to Munich with two friends. I’ve always wanted to Continue reading “Braunschweig // Tag: Sechsundsechzig”

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