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June 2015

Braunschweig // Tag: Zweiundfünfzig

The past week has been very busy, I don’t feel like I’ve sat down. It’s been Continue reading “Braunschweig // Tag: Zweiundfünfzig”


Braunschweig // Tag: Sechsundvierzig

As you may have gathered by some of my posts, there’s a strong Continue reading “Braunschweig // Tag: Sechsundvierzig”

Braunschweig // Tag: Vierundvierzig

On Sunday – we spontaneously went to a museum in the Schloss in Continue reading “Braunschweig // Tag: Vierundvierzig”

Braunschweig // Tag: Zweiundvierzig

Anna has arrived! I got up, had a small spring clean and then got the train Continue reading “Braunschweig // Tag: Zweiundvierzig”

Braunschweig // Tag: Neununddreißig

The weather has stayed really nice this week so on Thursday we had Continue reading “Braunschweig // Tag: Neununddreißig”

Braunschweig // Tag: Fünfunddreißig

Although I didn’t get to bed until half 7 in the morning, I woke up at about Continue reading “Braunschweig // Tag: Fünfunddreißig”

Braunschweig // Tag: Vierunddreißig

I had a massive clean up today. The building I’m living in is still getting Continue reading “Braunschweig // Tag: Vierunddreißig”

Braunschweig // Tag: Zweiunddreißig

To make the most of the good weather we joined the ISN students group Continue reading “Braunschweig // Tag: Zweiunddreißig”

Braunschweig // Tag: Neunundzwanzig

As I had the week off I went to spend it with my nearest and dearest Continue reading “Braunschweig // Tag: Neunundzwanzig”

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